Restore Time Machine Backup from Third Party NAS

Upgraded my hard disk, and restored from a Time Machine backup. Used DiskMakerX to create Mavericks install USB disk a while ago.

Before doing anything it’s handy to have:

  1. Username, password, and IP number of the NAS (especially if helping someone else)
  2. Lots of time. Once it starts restoring we can leave it running. To get it into perspective, my 200GB backup was restored in 13 hours on a 100Mbps connection. No gigabit connection here.

To make sure the restore utility finds the backup, open terminal after booting from the installation media:

cd /Volumes
mkdir TimeMachine
mount -t afp afp://<username>:<password>@<ip_address>/Volumes/TimeMachine
hdid /Volumes/TimeMachine/<backup_name>.sparsebundle

Close terminal, go to the restore utility and the time machine backup should be there.